I’ve been asked the question in title so many times that i got kind of tired hearing it, but nonetheless, it is a great question. Why is it that golf is considered a sport for elites, while other sports aren’t? The assumption that golf is only played rich couldn’t be further from truth, so why do people think golf is an elitist sport? Why do people not consider other sports like basketball, football or even soccer to be sports for the rich?

First things first, in my opinion, biggest advantage golf has is that it’s quiet and until very recently, quite passive. By that i mean that you will rarely see someone who actively plays soccer and is out of shape at the same time. What i’m trying to say is, that unlike soccer, golf is not an active sport. And that kind of makes it appealing to upper class Americans, because not everyone wants to be tired to death when they’re done and they also like to avoid other complications that come with sweat and running. Although this has been changing, i see number of golf carts on the course are decreasing. People are starting to appreciate advantages of being active, and they prefer to walk instead of just driving the cart. This might be because of improvements in golf gear, like lighter golf clubs or having most comfortable golfing shoes, but i like to think that it’s also change in mentality as well.

 Another similar might be that golf is also quiet. A lot of people, executives or salesmen, who tend to be high earners, see golf as a great way to build relationships and improve their chances of getting business. Golf being quiet and passive helps because players have a lot of room to get to know each other and as mentioned above, build friendships. It is also quite competitive sport, so the relationships form naturally without forcing it, unlike in sales negotiations where both sides are aware that getting most money is the main concern and goal.

 It might also be why most US presidents spend most of their time playing golf rather than any other outdoor activity. For them, it is a good mixture of work and leisure. Even if they are not playing it for relationships, golf allows you to think and plan, which US presidents want to do. We also know that Trump is notorious golfer, also operating various golf courses all around the world.

 So if you look at USA’s corporate culture and it’s deep roots in society, you can easily understand why golf remains to be one of the most popular sports in America. It is actually dominated by middle class, but for various reasons stated above, some people see it as sport of elites.