Golf has been increasing in popularity in every country across the world, except for UK and US. Now, i think the reason for that is quite apparent – it is hard for Golf to increase in popularity in these two countries, because it is already super popular. UK/US have been playing Golf for centuries now, so it’s part of their national identity, culture. But this tradition of playing golf also has a downside – the love for golf is slowly wearing off, and the sport is declining in popularity. Especially in US. There has been a lot of trial to find the reason and fix it, but i doubt i can do a better job of analyzing it than so many people that already have, so in this post, i’m not going to discuss golf’s decline in US, but bring light to a topic that a lot of people ignore – increasing popularity of Golf in Korea.

It is a bit surprising that Golf is popular sport in Korea, even more so when you look at their achievements in Women’s tournaments. For some reason though, male golfers from Korea are not having as much success in tournaments as their female counterparts. Some people say that the reason for success of Korean golfers is their equipment. Some suspect they just use better ladies’ golf clubs, while Americans are too focused on endorsements and use whatever brands pay the most. That might be it. Few other reasons for that might be rooted into the culture, in which Golf is considered feminine sport, and parents force their daughters to excell at it, while young males are busy with military service and other chores.

How do Korean ladies manage to beat US/UK in tournaments, while men can’t? I think, there are few reasons for that. First of all, western men are much taller than Asian men, but difference in women’s heights from two regions are very small. Therefore, Asian men are at disadvantage, while women can compete with American lady golfers perfectly fine. Also, as mentioned above,the reason might be that Golf is considered feminine sport in Korean culture, which is weird, because it’s the exact opposite in US.

It might be because of runner-up effect. Golf is new and still getting more and more popular in Korea, therefore local women have more motivation to get better and trump US, UK – the natural leaders in Golf. What i mean is, being an underdog can sometimes be good motivation for some people to catch up with Natural leaders. Now that Golf is no longer as popular as it used to be, Koreans might even get the better of Americans in males’ tournaments as well.